Freedom to Choose (Because I Can)

How much freedom to choose or independence do you need when you travel? Freedom to choose where to go and when to go? And independence to not follow a trip leader or do what “everyone else does”. For people traveling with an organized tour, freedom to choose is generally diminished since the trip leader will make […]

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How to Ride a Camel

Yes, I’m really writing about how to ride a camel, and perhaps I should write how to successfully ride a camel.  After all, if the rider falls off, then it can’t really be considered riding a camel, can it? Camels have really cool elbows and knees, and while they may seem disjointed and wobbly, they aren’t.  When […]

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Watch Your Six

My first title of “Safety & Security” did not sound very fun or interesting; after all, that would certainly not be the typical travel tale one writes home about.  However, “Watch Your Six” has a bit of intrigue, does it not?   Watch Your Six is a term I recently learned, and learned well. Working my […]

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